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Client management

No company should ever forget their clients, loyal clients or partners. Keeping your customers informed about services and news is as important and useful as finding new customers. It is too often that the existing clients are forgotten and their input and potential in increasing the monthly turnover is overlooked.

Presego client management helps to organize the daily work with the clients, give a clear overview of all clients, partners, potential clients, and for example, newsletter subscribers. The client management system also enables to distribute tasks to different employees or subdivisions and monitor their progress afterwards. This up to date view of the situation helps to save time on managing clients and contacts and prevent situations when a client or their order has been left unnoticed. 

Presego newsletter system helps to keep your contacts informed about the company's news through regular newsletters or special e-campaigns. The system is designed to collect different statistical data and therefore  enables to monitor the success of all the campaigns.