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Client management software

Presego client management software is accessible from any computer and with any operation system  or web browser. The software is entirely hosted in our server and saves you the costs of  acquiring an additional server or paying extra for IT management.

Our client management enables to manage all the information and activities related to clients with just a couple of clicks. For example, it is not necessary to waste ours on bringing a new employee up to date, it is enough to just grant them access to the system.

Our solution is easy to use and in its basic form, only includes functions that are actually important and useful. This guarantees the suitability of the system for the structure of any company. Nevertheless, it is important to remember while purchasing software – it has to be built in a way that enables it to be developed in the future without demolishing the already functioning parts. Presego solutions are easily adaptable and the platform does not limit neither the extent nor the type of new functions, so it is possible to quickly add exactly what you need at that moment.

It is possible to integrate the client management system with bookkeeping software, check out or ware house systems, etc.

Ask for more information about how our client management system can make your life much easier