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Mobile websites

With each day more people use their mobile and smartphones to read their e-mail, surf the web and get quick access to social networks. Most of the phones used do not support browsing the usual websites or display the pages incorrectly and make them impossible to read. If you want your site to be accessible for your today' and future clients on the mobile browsers you need to create a mobile website.


Mobiilne koduleht

Mobile website is the mini-version of your webpage

Mobile website is the mini-version of your webpage which is optimized to be viewed on mobile internet browsers. The mobile site has less and more specific content then the site that is viewable on your computer screen. Also your contact details and phone numbers are placed to the priority positions so the potential client would have easy access to them. Considering this for example all the phone numbers are links to the phone' call function so that the site quest can make you a call with a single press of a button.

Presego website management software includes a function that allows you to keep the content on your mobile website up to date using the same easy to learn management system as for your normal site. To use the Presego management for your mobile site you do not have to use our solutions for your website but it is recommended because then you would only have to enter your content once.