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Solutions that help you improve your business.

Presego is concentrated on tailor made digital media solutions reaching from small micro sites to large scale e-commerce environments. Our services include creating websites, micro sites (or campaign sites), e-shops and portals, developing client relations management systems (CRM), newsletter sending programs, etc. Our solutions are always easy to manage and work for you not vice a versa.

In addition, we offer a large variety of supporting services that help you achieve even better results and benefit from all marketing possibilities for your enterprise or e-business to the maximum. Our supporting services include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising, e-mail marketing, website hosting, copy-writing and translations, website management, etc.

To ensure maximum marketing results, we suggest to handle all Internet related tasks as a whole, and are most happy to offer a full service, tailored to your exact needs.

Get to know the potential of your company on the Internet

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