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Sending newsletters

Client is the biggest asset of the company. This is why we have to treat the client well and give them a chance to use even more of the company's services. But often the clients are unaware of the extent of the actual range of products and services, or what are the offers of the month, or that the company has changed their trademark or might now be owned by a large international corporation.

Having a news section on the website is not enough, because clients don't visit those websites every day. This is where a digital newsletter or a campaign e-mail comes in. Presego newsletter software enables to address the right people with the right information at the right time and even do it while greeting them personally by name. Using this system, you can be sure, that all the e-mails arrive to their destinations, because the technology of sending is adjusted to keep your news away from spam folders.

A beautifully designed and regularly received newsletter communicating useful information is valuable to clients and keeps them aware and interested, therefore raising the number of inquires and as a result, sales among loyal clients.