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Supporting services

Presego offers a wide variety of additional and supporting services for making the lives of our clients easier and ensuring better results concerning websites, social media, search engines, and more. Having all those services under one roof helps us to understand our clients better and achieve maximum results with less time.

Our services reach from careful planning to launching a finished professional website and hosting it in our server; we can help with copywriting and translations, with designing the corporate Christmas card, and of course, any printed materials that a company might need.

To make your life even more easy, we have put together a service package containing website management, website optimization and social media optimization. This means constant monitoring of relevant social media environments as well as the company’s website, and weekly meetings involving our expert to ensure the accuracy of all the published information.

Now there is no need for burdening someone from the company with the duty of handling this rather time consuming task of keeping track with all the website managing and social media procedures.